On The Way Records


On The Way Records is an electronic dance music record label founded by Itamar Simha and Yam Schvartz. The label was created with the aim of promoting and showcasing the best in electronic dance music from around the world. The founders, Itamar Simha and Yam Schvartz, both have a passion for electronic music and have been involved in the EDM scene for many years. They have a keen ear for talent and are always on the lookout for new and exciting artists to sign to their label in addition to promoting and releasing new music, On The Way Records is also committed to supporting and developing the careers of emerging artists. The label offers a range of resources and opportunities to help up-and-coming artists take their careers to the next level. Overall, On The Way Records is a dynamic and forward-thinking record label that is dedicated to promoting and supporting the best in electronic dance music.


✦ Submit Your Demos Here: demo@onthewayhq.com